Damn You, 2017: Stubblefield, Cotton, Johnson & Berry

I guess we should have realized that 2017 wasn’t going to be any better than 2016. In short succession we have lost these outstanding musicians:

04/18/43 – 02/18/17   Clyde Stubblefield
07/01/35 – 03/16/17   James Cotton
0?/0?/47 – 03/12/17   Robert “P-Nut” Johnson
10/18/26 – 03/18/17   Chuck Berry

Clyde Stubblefield was “The Funky Drummer” with James Brown from 1965 to 1970, and he continued playing after leaving Brown’s employ. He was the most sampled drummer on the planet.

obit clyde

James Cotton was the harmonica player who came to prominence with Howlin’ Wolf’s band at Chess Records, then played with Muddy Waters, his own band, and many other blues stars.

obit cotton

Robert “P-Nut Johnson was a vocalist with Bootsy’s Rubber Band when they surfaced in 1976. When the group disbanded, he joined Parliament-Funkadelic, where he performed for decades.

obit p-nut

Chuck Berry was one of the true pioneers of rock and roll, combining great songs, lyrics and guitar-playing into a real musical juggernaut.

obit chuck 2

These gentlemen were and are at the heart of soul of our music. In their honor, we offer this Spotify playlist: