Louisville: A Gateway to the South and a Gateway into Forecastle

Louisville is the largest city in the Commonwealth of Kentucky and home of our ever-so-famous festival, Forecastle. Louisville also claims the Kentucky Derby, Kentucky Fried Chicken and the University of Louisville, making it a great melting pot for all sorts of people from around the world to gather in music and culture for a short but amazing weekend.


Contrary to popular belief, Kentucky, specifically Louisville, is not just a place for southern foods and square dances. It is, as well, home to Bourbon tours, skate parks, and many bars and music venues, where night life opens early and stays open late. According to forecastlefest.com, “Louisville is the perfect escape for anyone seeking to break away. There’s a million and one things to do here, but only one thing you should do: whatever you want.” Whatever you want is the perfect feel for endless possibilities, especially when it comes to the 15th Anniversary of Forecastle Fest.

Photo by Mo McKnight Howe
Photo by Mo McKnight Howe

Held at Louisville’s scenic 85-acre Waterfront Park, Forecastle is one of the summer’s most anticipated music festivals, with lots of great food, music and, of course, Bourbon. Not to mention, if you aren’t already occupied with the festival, there’s literally a guide to Louisville on the Forecastle site under “Louisville.” You can’t miss it, and you should not miss this year’s Forecastle Festival. Louisville is a beautiful and thriving city, ready for occupancy of all cultures and walks of life. #GetOnBoard in Louisville this Summer, and make sure to bring your first mate with you!

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