Gorillaz Release New Tour, Set to Make Way to III Points on 17-Stop Tour

Leave it to Damon Albarn and Jamie Hewlett, the masterminds behind Gorillaz, to elegantly craft their 2017 comeback as if they never left. For Gorillaz fans out there, these last couple weeks have been non-stop excitement for the revival of Albarn’s and Hewlett’s audiovisual project. It has been almost seven years since the last body of work we got from the virtual band back in 2010 with their release of Plastic Beach and The Fall. Now, we are just weeks away from their new album, Humans, which is set to release on April 28.

The musical style of the Gorillaz is known to be experimental and fitting to a variety of genres, and the recent releases from the band have fans in wonder about how the new album will develop. In recent months, the Gorillaz have released a variety of content from the new album, which features Vince Staples, D.R.A.M, De La Soul, Grace Jones, Popcaan, and Danny Brown. Along with singles being released, the band has also released 360-degree Virtual Reality videos and announced that they will also produce a ten-episode series that will go along with the album.

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With so much excitement around the new album, the band released information this morning about their new tour. The album release is set to happen at the end of this month, and the tour will kick off in July (which has us wondering what content they will release in that time). The 17-stop tour will make its start in Chicago and make its way around the United States and Canada. The tour will feature prominent performances with appearances at music festivals such as Outside Lands in San Francisco, Meadows in New York, Life is Beautiful in Las Vegas, and III Points in Miami.

This also marks the Gorillaz’ first-ever performance in Florida with their stop at III Points in October. The South Florida festival is coming up on its fifth year as a leader for the music, arts, and technology scene in Miami. Although no information has been released for their lineup, III Points have made major strides in bringing a unique and well-deserved celebration to the city. The Gorillaz’ performance marks their first time in Florida and also the only stop in the state on the new tour. For a festival with a history of technology activations such as last year’s VR Mars 2030 Simulation, this brings up questions about what Gorillaz will contribute to the festival this year, since they are known to be visually striking, remembering their 2006 Grammys holographic performance with Madonna. The Gorillaz coming down to III Points this fall will be a perfect fit for the festival and the city.

III Points will be October 13-15 at Mana Wynwood in Miami. Tickets for III Points go on sale online this Friday, April 21st, but locals can get their hands on them as soon as Thursday in person at the Anderson, beginning at 3 pm. Only a limited number of $111 general admission tickets and $245 VIP Foresight Passes will be available. Lineup and more information will be released through III Points social media sites. 

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