Relive Some of The Best Sets From Bonnaroo 2017

Bonnaroo can be infamous for giving yearly attendees a real case of the Bonnablues. Whether you were able to attend the magic at Bonnaroo this year or not, these are some of the moments worth revisiting from last week at Bonnaroo.

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Just as the sun was getting ready to set and as Friday night kicked in, Francis and The Lights put on a show over at the What Stage which had a small enough crowd that could fit a tent, but this show was the definition of “to another level.” The bass sweating out of those speakers was the loudest bass you can find at a show that isn’t EDM. His minimalistic view of show visuals makes him the center of the show, and the way he takes to the stage like any of us would take our bedroom when nobody is around is tremendously inspiring and is a thrill to watch. Oh, and he brings out Chance The Rapper for his closing. How can you miss out on that?

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The relationship that Bonnaroovians have had to the recent acquiring of the festival by Live Nation has kept a handful of people still holding a grudge against the festival. Regardless of your thoughts of the festival’s recent developments, this show wouldn’t have been possible with a smaller-scale Bonnaroo. With the help of a major company, Bonnaroo was able to get one of the world’s biggest bands to perform on the main stage. Seeing U2 on the stage really showed the world that Bonnaroo is a place where music lives and will continue to get the biggest and best acts it can invite onto the Farm.

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Bonnaroo and its mild obsession with pineapples deserved this set. It was at the perfect time of the night. The visuals were somber yet intense. The band never lost a beat of momentum. It was the perfect show to kick off the night time. It was a show perfectly suited for the Bonnaroo crowd: Where else would you see a Glass Animals show with a huge crowd of people dancing in animal masks?

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There was a certain eeriness to the night sky that evening. The full moon hovered right over the This Tent Friday, and we were able to see Portugal. The Man use that coveted Late Night slot to give Bonnaroo a show it will never forget. Maybe it was a combination of it following all the other bands of the night (The XX, Glass Animals, U2), or maybe the full moon gave everything a certain energy. It is no understatement to say John Gourley‘s performance was one of the best I’ve witnessed in a long time. They opened strongly with a Metallica cover and went directly into “Purple Yellow Red and Blue” for the MVP of coolest thing to experience at Bonnaroo this year.

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The last time we were able to see the Red Hot Chili Peppers on the Farm was when they were fresh off being inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame back in 2012. Now, they have gained a couple more year’s touring and just off the release of their latest album, The Getaway. The performance was grand, it was nostalgic, and to say the least, Anthony Kiedis, Flea, and Chad Smith have never lost a bit of momentum as performers. Oh, and they played “Aeroplane” live.

Courtesy of Michael Weinbaum/YouTube

Chance The Rapper, like RHCP, is also no stranger to Bonnaroo. He is known for strolling through Centeroo and surprising us with visits throughout the festival. As the proclaimed Mayor of Bonnaroo and in his first year taking the main stage, he followed through on Saturday night at the Superjam with a powerful backing from Preservation Hall Jazz Band, Jon Batiste, and more for the ultimate feel-good celebration full of hip hop and soul standards. It was almost impossible to pass by the Superjam and not want to party with them.

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As a long-time fan who has seen Harley take the stage three times in the last year, this may have been his most tuned-up performance to date. Back in 2015, Flume performed at a much smaller tent in Bonnaroo, and he was still only rocking the prism on stage. He had just released “Some Minds” with Andrew Wyatt while in the background he was working on his second album, Skin. Since then, he has taken his Grammy-winning album on a live show around the world. As the months have progressed, his transitions, visuals and new music releases, and stage presence have really grown for the better and made for the ultimate Alumni performance for Bonnaroo this year.

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