Confluence Means Voodoo Visionary + Eminence Ensemble + Ajeva

The word you’re looking for is confluence, if you’re trying to describe what will happen when a Boulder sextet, an Atlanta quintet, and a St. Petersburg quintet cross streams in the very best Ghostbusters sense. It is also a meeting of “prog-jam heady metal fusion,” “improvisational funk and dance grooves,” and “interdimensional gospel funk.”

Artwork by Drew Massey

See what I mean? Pretty sure the dictionary defines it the same way. Or it should.

Voodoo Visionary returns after a big tour across the country (with more dates in the Northeast to follow). The Atlanta 5 have been blowing out big shows here and everywhere with their “improvisational funk and dance grooves,” an entirely apt description.

This might be Boulder’s Eminence Ensemble’s first foray into Florida, but from their recordings it certainly won’t be their last. They self-describe as “prog-jam heady metal fusion,” but as usual that barely scratches the surface of their immense talents. They too are in the midst of a tour that brings them to the Sunshine State. Use this link to listen!

With hometown favorites Ajeva on the bill, this is one master triple-header. Ajeva has gone next-level in recent festival performances at Backwoods Fam Jam and Orange Blossom Jamboree. To call their music “interdimensional gospel funk” is at best an understatement.

All three bands hit The Crowbar in Ybor City (Tampa) on Thursday, August 3rd, presented by Moongoddess Entertainment and Don’t Fret Entertainment. All three will also be in Jacksonville on Sunday, August 6th, at 1904 Music Hall.

In addition, Eminence Ensemble plays Guanabanas in Jupiter on Wednesday, and Voodoo Visionary will hit Darwin Brewing in Bradenton on Saturday. Meanwhile, Ajeva travels to Gainesville for Spaceship Saturday, presented by First Magnitude Brewing Co. with Aquanova and The Mermers!

Each of these great bands deserves your attention. All three in one night?

You know what you need to do.

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