Two Months Out, Legendary Headliners to Take Stage at III Points

No stranger to festival culture and world-renowned to the community of the arts is the sunny, yet shady paradise of Miami, a city which has become synonymous with some of the biggest festivals to grace the music community. With a worldwide product like Ultra taking place right in the center of it, we can also find traveling paint party Life In Color, which calls Florida home, and the quickly emerging Hip Hop festival Rolling Loud which will be making waves around the world come 2018. Tucked inside the madness that goes on year round in Miami is III Points.

The music, arts, and technology festival recognized for curating arts across all genre and medium will be marking its fifth year anniversary in less than sixty days, or two months (whichever makes it feel closer to you). This festival has not only found its home in the art district of Wynwood, but the community of the city has made this festival a home for the culture emerging out of South Florida.

This year may mark the the most diverse and largely known lineup to grace this fall festival. The names on this bill not only are an impressive feat for a considerably young festival but are impressive to what these artists reflect to the community around it. At first glance, we must admire the passion put into this festival, which came back even stronger after a fourth year filled with Zika virus slash hurricane threats. Any other festival would have slowly faded from such setbacks, but it has remained driven to create what is one of the most impressive lineups of the 2017 festival season.

The first thing to note from the headliners of this year’s III Points is the circling news of the first time The Gorillaz grace the stage in Florida. Not only will this have fans come from far and wide to the festival, it will also fill a void from so many long-time fans from Miami who are finally given the opportunity to see them in their hometown, a city typically known to be out of reach for touring acts. The Gorillaz are in the midst a world tour which is giving us a glimpse at what will come to III Points. The III Points philosophy is to gather the arts and technology together, so it is only fitting to have a virtual band take the top spot on the lineup. It will also be highly anticipated considering the friends of Gorillaz, such as III Points alumnus Vince Staples and 2017 performer Kali Uchis. To have an idea of what is being anticipated, check out a small teaser from their recent music video of “Strobelite” (listed above) or recent performances at Demon Dayz festival.

Another major name gracing the headliner spot this Fall is The xx. Also currently on a world tour, this band is no stranger to Miami. The xx came to visit the Fillmore-Miami Beach for the release of sophomore album Coexist back in 2013, and The xx auxiliary/production-mastermind Jamie xx visited III Points for a solo performance back in 2014 in anticipation of critically acclaimed solo album In Colour. Their history with the city now gives them the opportunity to headline the emerging festival at the height of their career. The relationship The xx now shares with Miami will give the band the ability to fully shine in a performance which has crossed every side of the globe. The sights and sounds of this show will create a dreamy and hazy state full of foggy and colorful scenes that will give Oliver, Jamie, and Romy, their own spotlight.

On top of booking some of the biggest acts touring at the moment, they were also able to book some of the more difficult names to find on a lineup, such as Nicolas Jaar. Although the work of Jaar does not pertain to a certain style or sound, at the same time it also reflects the versatility and uniqueness of music being made locally. Nicolas Jaar is known to be a sampling visionary, blending from an infinite spectrum including Latin, Hip Hop, and Soul and letting it all merge in electronic space. Having an artist such as Nicolas Jaar on the very top of this lineup mimics the extensive collection of sights and sounds to be found in South Florida.

The headliners of this festival both reflect what this city deserves and illustrate to us what we will expect from III Points this year and for many more years to come. As the festival emerges as a name for creativity as a whole and not pinpointing itself, it will become one of the harder tickets to secure in the future. In the meantime, we have weeks to prepare for a truly multi-dimensional experience which will be slowly rolling out more information of what to expect at this year’s festival. To keep up with more information of the festival, the artists, and installations, visit us at from here until October.

III Points