Marbin: Powerful Jazz-Rock Fusion

Chances are you haven’t encountered the hurricane-force winds of Chicago-based Marbin yet. Their brand of powerful jazz-rock fusion has been blowing audiences away ever since the quartet formed in 2009. Word of mouth and extensive touring have gained them a loyal fan base eager to hear the dynamic band live and on album.

Marbin are: Dani Rabin, guitar; Danny Markovitch, soprano saxophone; Jon Nadel, bass; and Blake Jiracek, drums. They have released six albums during that time, with a seventh set due out soon:

2011  Marbin
2011  Breaking the Cycle
2013  Last Chapter of Dreaming

2014  Third Set
2015  Aggressive Hippies
2016  Goatman and the House of the Dead

2017  More is More

Marbin’s fall tour commences Friday at John Brown in the Square in Marion IL and then immediately heads east, then south, including nine Florida dates (they like the Sunshine State). And they already have a massive spring tour mapped out!

Go see what all of the buzz is about. Just make sure you fasten your seatbelt first. Marbin is a wild ride!


Oh, and Danny’s curved soprano is straight-up baddass!