Mike Dillon and Skerik Headline Cosmic Family Gathering This Weekend

You’ve probably noticed that we’re waiting for our “good friend” Irma to visit, but otherwise I’d be considering a flight to Wilseyville CA. Why? Because nobody has ever put together a festival with two headliners I love more than Mike Dillon and Skerik.

The Cosmic Family Gathering takes place Thursday through Sunday, September 7-10, far away from Irma at the Blue Mountain Guest Center. There will be camping, music, yoga, visual arts, live painting, children’s events and lots more.

Mike Dillon

We’ve mentioned this before, but ‘unique’ is an absolute modifier, like pregnant and dead. You cannot be “fairly” pregnant or “quite” dead. either you are, or you’re not. Mike Dillon and Skerik are two gentlemen who are unique in their approach to their respective instruments.

The Mike Dillon Band includes Nathan Lambertson, Brendan Bull, and Cliff Hines. We just profiled their current tour; you can read about it here. And the Skerik Band features Andy Coe, Tarik Abouzied, and Damien Erskine. We also wrote about their tour; read that one here.


Of course there is much more music on tap, including Jelly Bread, Izabella, Mojo Green, Swamp Zen, Ideateam, Groovesession, and Achilles Wheel. Also, JRAS, The Good Samaritans, The Bumptet, Big Sticky Mess, Be Brave Bold Robot, and lots more. And don’t forget Joe Craven and the Sometimes!

This Family Gathering will truly be Cosmic!