Spafford Tears Down Asbury Park’s Wonder Bar

Up-and-coming quartet Spafford has stolen the jam spotlight in the past year or so as their multi-influenced jamming has created quite the buzz. The Arizona-based band has ventured out with dates all over the country the past year or two, and it has benefited them greatly. From huge, sold-out Phish after-parties just a year ago, Spafford has taken great strides to selling out almost every show, no matter the day of the week, showtime, or city.

We caught up with them in Asbury Park on a Wednesday night, and the energy in the building spoke of a Saturday in Manhattan. From the beautiful harmonies of pianist Red Johnson to the patient yet fierce shredding of Brian Moss on guitar, Spafford delivered in a variety of different ways. A wide range of originals jammed in several different styles, sprinkled with covers of Tom Petty, Red Hot Chili Peppers and The Grateful Dead throughout the show further proved the band’s versatility.

Check out our pictures from The Wonder Bar as well as the setlist below, but most importantly, go check out SPAFFORD!

1/24/18 | Wonder Bar | Asbury Park, NJ – SOLD OUT

I: People, Backdoor Funk, America, Hollywood > Dis Go in 5? > Breakdown$

II: Postman, Plans, Weasel* > Funkadelic > Weasel, Soul to Squeeze**, The Reprise

E: West L.A. Fadeaway***

$Tom Petty
*Brian broke a string
***Grateful Dead

(Setlist courtesy of Spafford’s Facebook)

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