Fun Over Function: Fun Things to Bring to Festivals!


You may never make it to the water, or your festival of choice may not even have a body of water, but one of these bad boys can be a nice lounger as well as a fun mascot for your camp. If you pick options that are not too large, these can also double as a portable way to find your friends in a crowd; just be sure to put it down before the show starts. Bonus tip: Bring an adapter for your air mattress pumnp to help with blowing it up!


Balloons are my favorite festival toy ever, especially big ones with interesting shapes and LEDs inside. You have never felt as much like a wizard as when you are at a bass-heavy show lightly holding a balloon. It feels like you hold the entire show in the palm of your hands.

Biodegradable Glitter

Save the planet — and the cleaning volunteers’ backs — by investing in some biodegradable glitter. It will make you look equally as beautiful and will just dissolve once it inevitably falls off you and onto the ground. Remember, everything that you drop has to be picked up by somebody; try and minimize your impact when possible!

Test Kits

Now, we are never going to suggest using illicit substances and truly believe that music is the real drug at any concert we go to, but we know that bringing a test kit can help you or your neighbor make safe choices. Do your own research, and learn how to use these things appropriately, and they can definitely assist you with having a happy and safe weekend. Remember, without a test you never know what you have.

Disco Light!

There are a lot of different forms of these; purchase whichever fits your fancy. I’m a big fan of the flashlight option, which allows for fun throughout the festival grounds as well as at camp. Bring extra batteries!


Festivals are all about fun and celebration, and what better way to celebrate than with your favorite costume. Be as original as you want, or elaborate, or turn your whole squad into Sims. Just dress up and have fun with it!


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