What the World Needs Now is the Mind, Body and Soul Festival

There may never have been a time when we were more in need of the Mind, Body and Soul Festival than we do right now. Doug Marris and his incredible support team welcome you to Mind, Body and Soul 3 at Sertoma Ranch in Brooksville FL December 7-10, four days of family, friends, fun, healing and spiritual journey.

Also part of the celebration will be the Fairy & Earth Festival, postponed from April, with Fairy and Earth Realm including enchanted walkabouts by John Springer. This is a health and holistic camping event that includes workshops, dance, music, and vendors. You will also find a rescued parrot show, fire and flow acts, hayrides, bonfires, a holiday campsite decoration contest, and a sweat lodge. The drum circle will be presented by Shiny Happy People Drum Tribe with Lisa Harmony and James Orchard tending fire.

Plan to participate in more than 130 workshops starting Friday involving yoga, massage, martial arts, meditation, healing, love and relationship sexuality, fantasy, nutrition, gardening, sustainability, art, music, activism, dance and fairy/nature crafts.

Este Elizabeth’s Church of Love

Music and dance, which also start Friday, cover a wide swath of genres and boast some excellent performers. Este Elizabeth’s Church of Love, Dennis Stadelman (Sonic Stew and CopE), The Cruz Brothers, Rebekah Pulley, Flint Blade, Mama Gina, Tetra, Daniela Toro, and Bing Futch will all be there.

And more: Tuatha Dea, Laura Shepherd, Elaine Silver, Barry Ertel, Grindstone Sinners, Treblehawk, Cami Francesa, Felipe Bennett, Elaine Silver, Jun, Taylor Lancaster, Mufassa Love, Jayn WorldBand, Brahma,  Frost & Ross, Joshua Gilton, and DJ Palumbo will, too.

Dennis Stadelman

Even more: Theresa Morgana Martinez, Art D’Agostino, Felix Fenix, To Bring Devotion, Adept, Fahrenheit 360, Phoenix Fire Performances, 1girlfire, vashti mehtap, Astarte Tzighan, Meridy Mendoz, Brittany Grant,  Michi Colson, and Melodic Muse

A wide variety of food options are available for you, including organic, vegan, vegetarian, gluten-free, soul, and Jamaican. And craft vendors will be selling handcrafted apparel and many other items, instruments, crystals, rocks and minerals, and art in a wide assortment of media.

There are lots of activities for children at this family-friendly weekend (and children’s tickets are a steal!). There is a playground onsite, and there will be horse/wagon rides, a kids’ kamp activity, and a 20-foot-high water slide. It is pet-friendly as well, with a pet playground, a pet parade, and a pet costume contest with prizes.

Sponsors for this wonderful event are Piece of Time Production, Fairy And Earth (F.A.E) Festival, Mystic Tribe Collective, Receptor Sound and Lighting, and Rising Light/The Illumi-Nation.

Marvin Gaye

Most importantly, please remember that the theme for the weekend is about MIND, BODY, and SOUL. Please respect the vision. When you check for information and order tickets, please read carefully the rules of the festival, all designed to make your weekend experience and that of everyone else a magical time.

Mind, Body and Soul