Okee! Get Ready to Enter The Portal With These Two Artists! Nightmares on Wax and Berhana Preview!

Nightmares on Wax

Do you like experimentation? Do you like hip hop? Do you like soul? Do you like to move and groove to sweet, sultry sounds? Then do not sleep on Nightmares on Wax. UK-born DJ George Evelyn is like magic when he steps up to the deck to mix and mash amazing beats together. Not to be confused with other modern DJs who use grinding, mechanical sounds, Evelyn truly brings together tracks containing amazing musicianship and assembles them to form extraordinary music. This is one DJ set that you will not confuse for a Transformers movie.


Several of our staff members are expecting Berhana to be the next Big Thing, with some even willing to put money on it. This artist, who has been likened to early Drake, mixes the edge of hip hop with the beauty of R&B and soul to tell true stories that define struggles and the human condition. If you make it to this show, we feel really confident in your ability to say “I saw him when…”

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